Upgrade your science texts
(and social studies, too!)

Are you settling for texts that don’t target your curriculum

and that your students struggle to read?

StarrMatica is different. Quickly find texts designed for each K-5 NGSS and written at six different Lexile levels.
You can even customize a text to teach and assess specific Common Core ELA Standards.

StarrMatica’s Texts are not just aligned.
They are designed for the NGSS
by education experts.

Each informational text is carefully crafted by a children’s author in consultation with university professors. Phenomenon photos begin each text to mirror NGSS instruction. Texts are reviewed for rigor and accuracy by subject matter experts, edited into six different Lexile levels, and audio recorded by a professional voice talent.

Leveled Texts

Six Lexile levels allow all students to learn from the same content.

Audio Support

Students can listen to texts and questions read aloud by a professional voice talent.

Comprehension Instruction

Students learn comprehension strategies with embedded instruction
aligned to standards.

Digital and print activities with each text put easy-to-use resources at your fingertips.

Graphic organizers, writing prompts, and links to interactive activities help your students to comprehend, retain, and apply what they are learning.


Teacher 1

“Other resources I have used don’t have the depth that the Core is now requiring.  We need resources that are using the depth of knowledge that is required and StarrMatica Texts did.”  


Fifth Grade Teacher, Iowa

Teacher 1

“I used the product to integrate ELA and Science.  We were just starting to learn how to read graphs and diagrams, and I made a point to have students use the charts/diagrams for reference as they read.  I also pointed out text features to the students about context clues.  I enjoy using it!”


Fifth Grade Teacher, Iowa

Teacher 1

I integrated ELA instruction into science using StarrMatica Texts. The texts allowed my students to answer text-dependent questions, as well as make text-to-self connections. This gave my students a better understanding of the information being taught.

I was very impressed with the texts because they were very interesting and kept the students engaged.


First Grade Teacher, New York

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