Would you like to give every child the opportunity for a bright future in STEM?

StarrMatica’s Virtual Science Coach is reinventing professional learning with “bite sized” coaching that empowers busy classroom teachers to become rockstar science educators.

We need more students inspired to choose STEM careers

for their future prosperity and ours.

 Yet by eighth grade, almost half of students are no longer interested in STEM.

The MOST EFFECTIVE way to get students engaged in
STEM careers is to spark their interest in elementary school.

But science is not a priority in most K-5 classrooms.

Science time and resources are limited.

Teachers are OVERWHELMED.

The Missing Piece:

Professional learning that empowers teachers

with the knowledge of HOW to teach science.

Research shows that unless teachers learn HOW to teach science, they are not using curriculum materials in a way that will raise student achievement significantly.

But as educators ourselves, we know that investing in professional learning (PL) is scary. You have a limited amount of time for PL, and you often don’t see measurable results from your investment.

PL is expensive. Paying for travel, substitutes, and live trainings for every teacher in a district adds up quickly.

PL is disruptive. Teacher time away from the classroom impacts students.

PL is disjointed. Professional learning workshops are often about single topics, unrelated to one another, and inconsistent in their availability across a district.

PL is often ineffective.  One time workshops and short courses do not impact student learning in the long term.

The Virtual Science Coach is an easy to implement professional learning curriculum intently focused on HOW to teach science.

Our bite-sized coaching empowers teachers, impacts students, and transforms schools into STEM exemplars to be emulated.

The Virtual Science Coach is different because it focuses on the most important teaching skills research shows will improve student achievement in science.

The Virtual Science Coach was designed by university professors and classroom educators to ensure that teachers are highly effective during their limited science instructional time.

EFFECTIVE –Coaching targets research-based pedagogy on HOW to teach science and is proven effective with a research study deployed by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

EFFICIENT – 20 minute sessions fit into busy schedules, eliminate classroom disruptions, and can be completed during grade level planning or professional learning community meetings.

STRESS FREE – A step-by-step plan allows easy in-district implementation and ensures fidelity across buildings.

COST SAVING – Online delivery eliminates expensive travel, substitutes, lost instructional time, & live trainers.

CONSISTENT – Lifetime access ensures district-wide sustained support. Teacher turnover and the need for substitutes is a challenge. Pedagogy focused PL ensures everyone in your classrooms has foundational science teaching knowledge and an understanding of district expectations.

Get Your Guide

Administrators:  In this guide, we’ll share three strategies to improve your K-5 teachers’ science instruction regardless of their experience or curriculum.

Here’s why our coaching is so effective:

You can be confident that the Virtual Science Coach will help your teachers because our method is research-based and proven effective.

Our professional learning includes four essential steps:

Next Generation Science Standards Coach

Teachers master three-dimensional instruction by diving into the standards structure, the crosscutting concepts, the science and engineering practices, and 5Es lesson planning.

Questioning Coach

Teachers deepen their ability to ask productive questions, effectively respond to student ideas, and engage students in academically productive discourse.

Science Knowledge Coach

Teachers build science content knowledge in life science, physical science, and Earth and space science with engaging literature and podcasts.

Lesson Planning Coach

Teachers learn the components of an effective science lesson and apply that knowledge to their own classrooms.

BONUS: Expert Mentorship and Community Collaboration

 Virtual Science Coach members join our private online community where they engage with mentors who help teachers to apply the concepts they are learning to their specific curriculums and students.

Plus, teachers learn from content experts and practice newly acquired skills at monthly “STEM Collaboration” webinars. 


Teacher 1

“My professional learning experience with the StarrMatica Virtual Coaching platform has been incredible. I’ve never participated in professional learning regarding the Next Generation Science Standards that focuses so intently on pedagogy and truly breaking down the performance expectations and dimensions of scientific learning that are so critical to student and teacher success. I gained access to immediate strategies that will improve the rigor of my 5E lesson planning and improve the academic discourse taking place between my students in our Science Lab.

The self-guided approach to professional development was also a breath of fresh air for this teacher who is always pressed for time! StarrMatica is a excellent resource that will provide teachers with deeper understanding of the NGSS standards as well as engage teachers in high yield teaching strategies that will bring about student success in a multitude of avenues.”

Abbie Guskey, K-5 STEM Lab Instructor, Kentucky
2018 KSTA Elementary Science Teacher of the Year

Teacher 1

“StarrMatica’s Virtual Science Coach is the best source of science PD I’ve seen in 30+ years of teaching. The depth of knowledge [in SVSC] is incredible. Information is explained and examples are given in a clear and concise manner that is easily relatable to classroom lessons, and it is very user friendly. This is what teachers NEED to be able to teach effectively. It needs to be used by teachers everywhere.”

Lori Weseman, K-4 STEAM Instructor, Minnesota

Teacher 1

“I love the platform.  I currently use a science curriculum that is at least 15 years old.  This was current, colorful, vibrant and made learning fun.  I think it is user friendly and awesome.”

Fifth Grade Teacher, Iowa

Teacher 1

“The StarrMatica Virtual Science Coach has helped me to approach my teaching of the science standards differently. By approaching the standards and looking at how questioning can enhance your student learning by going deeper has made more conversations during our lessons. I really liked being able to print and laminate the Quick Reference Cards that accompanied the 5E’s and the Crosscutting Concepts. I feel that this program is a valuable tool that school districts can use to enhance faculty understanding of the NGSS.”

Julie Miner, Fifth Grade Teacher, Illinois

Teacher 1

“I loved having everything right at my fingertips.I didn’t have to go to a million different places to find everything I needed. SVSC makes meeting the Iowa Core standards so much more attainable and sensible. When I first read the standards, I remember thinking, ‘Wow, this is really powerful! If I only had the time to build lessons that could effectively meet these standards! Thanks to the SVSC platform — it is possible!”

Amanda, Fifth Grade Teacher, Iowa

Teacher 1

“I think this would be a great training tool to be utilized as professional development for educators within a district.

The way that the NGSS standards and performance expectations are broken down is very accessible and gives educators a way to work through their misconceptions and gain a better understanding of the NGSS and science lesson planning and applications.”

Dawn, STEAM Extension Outreach Coordinator, Iowa

Teacher 1

“This program was an amazing resource!  It not only helped me to enhance and supplement my current science class but also provided additional engaging lessons to help me be a better teacher.”

Jaime Jaques, K-5 Teacher, Utah

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