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Science Texts

Click a book to the right to access the lowest and highest Lexile levels of one of our high-interest science informational texts.  You can preview:

Why Do I Live Here? (K-ESS3-1) – Why do deer live in places with trees?

Just Like Animals (1-LS1-1) – How can acting like an animal help us?

Seeds Everywhere (2-LS2-1) – What is the purpose of seeds?

Safety in Numbers (3-LS2-1) – Why do some animals live together in groups?

Stunning Sinkholes (4-ESS2-1) – How can sinkholes suddenly appear out of nowhere?

Keeping Track of Your Shadow (5-ESS1-2) – Have you ever wondered why shadows look different at different times of day?

Social Studies Texts

Click a book to the left to access the lowest and highest Lexile levels of one of our high-interest social studies informational texts.  You can preview:

Farm to Market – How do stores get fresh fruits and veggies when it is winter?

Tools of Technology – How can the past help us predict the future? How have past inventions impacted your daily life?

Farms Made of Dust and Selling Bird Poop: Exploring Why People Move – Why do people move? How do they decide where to go?

Chew On This – Why are there many different varieties of some products but not others?

Significant Moments and People in Disability History – What roles and responsibilities do citizens have to take on in order to affect change? Which tactics are the most successful in affecting change?

Free STEM Celebration Calendar Download

Did you know that January 9th is National Static Electricity Day?! 

Over a hundred STEM related days like this one are featured in our 2021-2022 STEM Celebration Calendar.  We’ve stuffed each month with STEM dates to remember and shared some of our favorite StarrMatica phenomenon photos and fun facts.

PLUS, we have included digital treasures in the form of Qstarr codes that give you exclusive access to NGSS-aligned informational texts from our StarrMatica Texts: Science Your Way series AND codes that will link you to STEM lesson and read aloud ideas.

It is our hope that this calendar will encourage you and your students to discover and explore the world of STEM together!

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