question markEducators often try to compare StarrMatica to other software programs, but once they begin the comparison, they quickly discover it is difficult to compare apples to oranges.

StarrMatica’s library of online digital interactive content is the only resource of its kind.

Being the only online library of digital interactive content makes us unique.  Being a company founded and managed by educators makes us unique.  Having content designed by classroom educators makes us unique.  But what makes us truly original is the assistance only StarrMatica can provide for our fellow educators.

StarrMatica leaves teachers in control of content decisions.

While at first glance it may seem easier to have a computer program choose activities for students, research has shown that technology, specifically instructional software, has been proven most effective when integrated into classroom instruction by a teacher.  Students who experienced teacher-led standards-based instruction with technology showed higher overall gains than students who experienced the same curricula and technology in an isolated lab setting.  This is because teachers have the ability to match computer instruction with a child’s development, the curriculum sequence, and the needs of particular groups of students.  Teachers must be involved, “orchestrators” of technology, rather than quiet observers of students in learning isolation.

StarrMatica provides teachers with a wide variety of content to address every student need.

When students use individualized software programs, the program assigns activities. These activities are typically limited in number, can be skill and drill based, use the same strategies over and over, and offer little learner choice.  If computer selected interventions are not effective, then teachers are once again searching for alternate resources.

With StarrMatica, teachers are presented with up to fifty digital content resources for a concept, so instead of relying on a singularly focused activity, teachers can try several interventions until a student succeeds. In addition, choosing interventions from multiple activities with multiple strategies allows teachers to match interventions to a student’s learning style, interests, strengths, and weaknesses.  And StarrMatica isn’t just  multiple choice practice activities.  Our library incorporates manipulatives for concept exploration; problem solving activities for addressing higher order thinking skills; and instructional animations for introduction, review, or self-paced learning. StarrMatica addresses multiple needs with one easy-to-use library.

As a company founded by educators, we know that it is imperative that every investment you make be of great value.   Instead of being a singularly focused software program that is only used by individual students on computers, or only offers multiple choice test preparation, or only shows animated videos, StarrMatica’s content variety provides exponential value through its flexibility.

Your school has probably invested a lot of money in technology hardware.  StarrMatica was designed to help teachers make the most of every piece of technology in their classrooms including interactive whiteboards, projectors, interactive pads, response systems, computers, and tablets.  88% of teachers say that simply having access to more digital content would allow them to use technology more often.  StarrMatica’s library of content meets that need, so teachers can make the most of your technology investments.

Our library of content also allows teachers to choose resources that are tailored to every learning setting including whole-class, small group, centers, and individual students both at school and at home.

StarrMatica helps further with:

  • a built-in individualized basic facts program that automatically adjusts practice based on a student’s performance.  Reporting features allow teachers and parents to monitor progress towards fact mastery, and teachers can even view data at the class level to diagnose the most missed facts.
  • individual student progress accounts.  These accounts allow teachers and parents to monitor student progress so they can make immediate adjustments to intervention or enrichment plans.
  • the ability to create and share collections of content.  This makes it easy for teachers to share individualized content with specific students and to save collections of favorites from year to year.

StarrMatica helps teachers integrate technology effectively with a personalized approach.

Research has shown that students whose teachers use technology effectively in the classroom have higher test scores than students whose teachers do not.

Simply providing teachers with a library of digital content doesn’t mean they will know how to use it effectively.  As teachers ourselves, we take the extra step to make sure that teachers are able to quickly locate content to meet individual student needs and are comfortable with integrating that content effectively into classroom instruction.

To accomplish this, we combine our library of content with a series of personalized professional development sessions, informational emails, and online support to assist every individual teacher.

Our assistance is tailored to the needs of each school by evaluating access to technology, teacher technology proficiency, and teacher and administration goals, so we can best help you move from where you are today to where you would like to be in the future.

So now you know the differences that make up StarrMatica’s secret sauce.  (I guess it’s not a secret anymore!)

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