notebookWhen you give students options of ways they can demonstrate their learning, does your list include digital resources for your tech-savvy students?  Here are five ways you can engage students in sharing their knowledge using online digital tools.  All of the tools shared are free to use, yet some require sign-up if you want to save student work.

  • Students can design a newspaper, brochure, flyer, poster, or sign to demonstrate their knowledge about any topic that requires a visual presentation–think character studies, state reports, environmental issues.

  • Students can upload a photo or create an avatar and make it talk by recording their voice to make its mouth move.  This resource is perfect for biographical presentations.  Imagine George Washington telling the class about his life!

  • Students can create a postcard about a place they would like to travel to demonstrate their knowledge about a specific geographic location or a specific culture.

  • Students can create animated stories for creative writing or as book reports.

  • Students can add photos, video, notes, and documents to a blank canvas.  This resource can be used in every subject anytime a visual presentation is required.

  • Students can create their own online illustrated stories just like a professional author!