This is the fifth in a series of seven posts sharing reasons virtual manipulatives should be the cornerstone of interactive content in the classroom including specific practical examples.  (The previous posts can be viewed here:  Part 1-Visualizing, Part 2-Explore Difficult Concepts, Part 3-Access Materials/Added Value, Part 4- Inquiry Learning)

Virtual manipulatives can provide a new way to present a concept to student.  We know that students learn in different ways, so using an uncommon manipulative can be a way to help students understand a concept they are struggling to grasp.  Using a variety of manipulatives can also challenge the understand of advanced learners and encourage them to look at a concept in a new way.

Below are three manipulatives that help students look at concepts in a new way:

abacus Place Value Abacus

Build numbers with a model that is uses colors to indicate value.  Compare this model to traditional base ten blocks.


number barsNumber Line Bars

Use number line bars to explore the concept of multiplication as repeated addition.


keyboardMusical Patterns

Create a pattern with images and sound.

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