Julie PaisleyMeet Julie Paisley.  She teaches at Whittier Elementary School in Clinton, IA.  She is currently in her second year as the LRC Director and previously taught 5th grade for 14 years at the same school.

Julie has used StarrMatica for the past three years—one year in her own classroom and two years training and assisting every teacher in her building as they utilize everything that StarrMatica has to offer.

Each classroom has a SmartBoard and at least 5 student computers to use individually or as centers.  Every classroom also spends 90 minutes a week in the computer lab for activities required by the district.  Here is how she uses our content in her own words:

 It was as a 5th grade teacher that I used StarrMatica the most.  I found the Reading and Math practice activities extremely helpful with all of my students.  StarrMatica is a tremendous tool for differentiating in the classroom.  I assigned each student different activities and levels, based on their needs.  I was able to keep track of each student’s progress, so I knew their successes and weaknesses. 

 I am very excited about sharing everything that is new on StarrMatica this year with all the teachers at Whittier.  Having Science, Social Studies, SmartBoard activities, and Common Core connections added to the site is a tremendous resource for all the grade levels as they plan their instruction.


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