Meet Jill Joos.  She teaches at Newark Charter School in Newark, Delaware.  Jill teaches the core subjects (ELA, math, science, and social studies) to 24 third graders of varied abilities.

She has an interactive whiteboard in her classroom and two student computers that are used every day for many subject areas.  She also has access to a mobile laptop cart that she checks out at least once a month.
Her students go to a computer lab once a week for technology instruction given by one of their specialists.

This is Jill’s 4th year using StarrMatica– mostly for math and reading instruction. Here is how she uses our content in her own words:

We view many of the lessons whole class on our interactive whiteboard and then students practice the concepts on our classroom student computers.

I always have the access information in my weekly classroom news, so students can take advantage of StarrMatica at home.

I also use StarrMatica to search for science, social studies, math, and reading resources. There I find resources beyond StarrMatica making it easy to incorporate a variety of technology into my lessons. 

StarrMatica solves the problem of having to search for quality resources appropriate for my students.  It is quick and easy to navigate.  The lessons present concepts using multiple strategies.  The quality of the lessons keeps students engaged. And it also provides a means for parents to revisit concepts and practice at home.

All schools should have StarrMatica as a resource to supplement instruction in the classroom.  Giving students multiple strategies for math understanding and varied reading lessons levels the playing field for students.  In today’s high stakes world of standards and assessments, this resource is the place for fun, engaging activities to help students find success in learning.

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