CarolMeet Carol Broadnax.  She teaches at Highland Catholic School in Saint Paul, MN.  She works with small groups of students in grades K-6 to provide math and language arts enrichment for advanced students. She has an interactive whiteboard, classroom laptop and iPad, as well as a set of student response clickers. She also has access to the school’s computer lab, mobile computer and iPad carts. She checks these out several times a week for various groups.  Carol has been using StarrMatica in her classroom for the past five years.  Here is how she uses our content in her own words:

StarrMatica is extremely helpful in allowing me to quickly locate content that relates to specific state standards. This is very useful since I do not use textbooks in my classroom and I typically present content that is a grade level or two above the students’ actual grade. I am able to locate engaging materials and target them directly to my students’ skill levels.

My students love the interactive lessons which I use to introduce new concepts. I follow this up with the practice and resource activities during the units I teach. I also use the virtual manipulatives quite a bit.

StarrMatica helps my students extend and broaden their learning and it is very efficient for my needs. I am always confident that the materials are of the highest quality.

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