Welcome to the beginning of another fantastic school year!  We have been working all summer to help you start the year off right.  Here are a few of the updates you can now take advantage of automatically:

K-2 Reading and Math Content

We want to make sure StarrMatica is providing you with the best digital content on the web.  That’s why in addition to adding new content topics, we also revisit current topics and add all of the new gems we’ve found as we scour the Internet so you don’t have to!  This summer, hundreds of new pieces of content were added to our existing K-2 reading and math topics!

Check out Word Chain Short Vowels and Number Jungle

Student and Teacher Notes

You asked and we’ve answered!  There are now two options for adding a note to an individual link.

The Comment section that pops up when you add a link to a collection or edit a link in a collection is now re-named Student Notes.  In this section, you can write a note that the student will see about how this link will help them or how this link relates to your work in class.

The new section is named Teacher Notes.  In this section, you can write a note that you or any other teacher accessing your collection will see.  You can use this section to make notes to yourself about how you plan to use this link or notes to another teacher about how this link fits with your curriculum.

3-6 Exit Button

A new Exit button was added to our 3-6 interface.  The button is found below the star navigation arrows at the bottom center ofExit Button your screen.

This new button will allow you to exit back to your teacher or student member page without having to use the back button in your browser.  Now both the K-2 and 3-6 interfaces have an easy, intuitive way for you to exit and continue to explore other areas of StarrMatica.

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