Polly has been working with StarrMatica as our voice over (VO) artist for over a decade. Soon after graduating in Art at Iowa Wesleyan University, Polly started her career at two radio stations in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.

​“To bring words to life with how they are intended to be said, as well as achieving the intended results has been what drives me to work harder on different sorts of VO projects.  This is a fun and rewarding field.  A VO artist is a voice actor and in this case, a teacher,” Polly explains.

Her passion and commitment to excellence has helped her throughout her career. Polly has been the voice over artist opening for the David Copperfield shows, and she was the official voice of San Francisco’s Whole Foods Market for nearly two years! “It has been extremely exciting! I even got a call from Don Anthony to try out for the weather girl position on Rick Dees’ (The Weekly Top 40) show,” she remembers.

While on-air, Polly turns her experience into a practicum course, finding her path as a writer and producer for radio, television and commercials, as well as documentary work. As a production manager at KDWD in Burlington, Iowa, she enjoyed having total control over writing, assigning and directing her work.

Her love for learning something new every day earned Polly an Addy Award for production and voice over in the Green Bay Market while on-air at WROE in Neenah, Wisconsin. To this day, Polly helps develop talent and coaches voice over artists, because it is so important for to her to give back!

Working for StarrMatica plays into another passion for Polly: “To assist with the educational reads designed for elementary kids to learn online in addition to what they learn in the classroom is rewarding, because many of my relatives also teach and have even been principals. I am immensely proud to be a part of such a powerful project!”

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