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Choose our Crosscutting Concepts class to learn:

  • When you should (and shouldn’t!) use picture books during a science lesson
  • Picture book titles that highlight every crosscutting concept
  • How to choose which crosscutting concept(s) to highlight during a read aloud

Choose our Science and Engineering Practices class to learn:

  • A big mistake teachers often make when reading aloud a STEM picture book
  • How to use STEM biographies and career texts to highlight the science and engineering practices

PLUS you’ll receive all of our amazing conference freebies including our Perfect Picture Book Pairing ebooks that are packed with no-prep lesson ideas tied to hundreds of STEM picture books!

AND you’ll gain access to our crosscutting concepts and science and engineering practices cheat sheets to help you quickly and easily develop questions to ask your students during read alouds!



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