StarrMatica’s K-2 Lesson on Addition launched this month!

Students join Kwan and Sunna as they construct with blocks to explore the concept of addition.

Throughout the lesson students learn:

  • to add facts with sums up to 20 using pictures and objects
  • that the same number can be represented in many different ways
  • to add with a number line
  • to identify fact families
  • to use doubles as an addition strategy
  • to make a ten using a ten frame and use that strategy to solve addition number sentences
  • to create addition number sentences from word problems

A few lesson highlights include:

Make A Ten – Students arrange counters in a ten frame to use the make a ten strategy.

Construction Stories – Students create addition number sentences to match word problems.

Game:  Addition Quick Draw – Students compete against a partner or the computer to solve addition number sentences and gather the most cards.

To access these resources, login and choose K-2 Lessons.  Then choose Addition from the Math Menu.