abduction3…..2……1……Lift Off!  StarrMatica’s space themed K-2 Alphabet lesson just launched!

Students learn about the alphabet alongside Alex the Alien.  Concepts include: identifying letters and their sounds, differentiating between upper and lower case letters, writing upper and lower case letters, and putting letters and words in alphabetical order.

A few lesson highlights include:

Zap! – Students move their spaceship into position and zap the correct letter ship.

Alphabetical Order Abduction –  Students rush to put cows in alphabetical order before they are beamed into the aliens’ ships.  Students can choose from three abduction speeds to vary the challenge.

All activities include multiple levels of difficulty and many activities allow you to choose the letters you would like included in the activity.  You can even choose the letters you would like a student to practice before putting an activity in a student’s digital backpack!

To access these resources, login and choose K-2 Lessons.  Then choose The Alphabet  from the Reading Menu.

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