StarrMatica’s K-2 Lesson on Telling Time launched this month!

Students join learn to tell time with Diego Digital and Clara Clockface.

Throughout the lesson students learn:

  • to tell time to the hours, half hour, and quarter hour on digital and analog clocks
  • what half past, quarter to, and quarter after mean
  • what today, yesterday, tomorrow, now, before, and after mean
  • what am and pm mean, the hours associated with each, and the activities that occur during each
  • the months in order
  • seasons of the year
  • the days of the week in  order
  • how to tell the date and day of the week on a calendar

A few lesson highlights include:

Tick-Tock Analog Clock – Students set an analog clock to the correct time.

The Crazy Calendar – Students use calendars to identify days, weeks, months, years, and seasons.

To access these resources, login and choose K-2 Lessons.  Then choose Telling Time from the Math Menu.

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