A new K-2 StarrMatica Lesson was just launched!

Our farm themed place value lesson was designed to help students discover the meaning of place value on their own and to explore the concept in many different ways.

In the Learn section:

  • Students are challenged to experiment with grouping animals to determine what groupings make them easier to count.
  • Students are introduced to counting by tens and ones.
  • Students explore the meaning of tens and ones with base ten blocks and discover the importance of zero as a place holder.

In the Play section:

  • Students are challenged to visualize groups of tens and ones.
  • Students are asked to represent numbers with ten frames and base ten blocks.
  • Students practice increasing and decreasing a number by tens and by ones.

Check out two of our favorites:

gardenGame:  Aerial Gardening

Count crops from the sky.  How quickly can you count by visualizing rows of tens and ones?



applesApple Pickin’

Add or take away boxes of ten apples and single apples to fulfill each farmer’s market order.