StarrMatica’s K-2 Lesson on Counting has launched!

Students join Madeline as she helps in her aunt and uncle’s candy shop.

Throughout the lesson students learn:

  • the count sequence to 10
  • the last number in the count is the total
  • how to count starting at a number other than one
  • how to count up to 20 items
  • to count backward
  • to skip count
  • to identify if objects in one group are greater than, less than, or equal to the number of objects in another group
  • to count on a hundreds chart
  • to use tally marks to identify a number of objects
  • to identify a missing number in a sequence

A few highlights of the lesson include:

Recipe Secrets – Students input a correct sequence of numbers to open a safe that contains a secret recipe.

Enrichment:  Hidden Treasures – Students search for hidden candy by identifying numbers on a hundreds square.

Teacher Tool:  Counting Toolbox – This virtual manipulative includes a customizable game board, counters, dice, and cards that will make creating your own counting game a snap.

To access these resources, login and choose K-2 Lessons.  Then choose Counting from the Math Menu.

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