StarrMatica’s K-2 Lesson on Cause and Effect launched this month!  This lesson helps students to identify causes and effects at the racetrack with Seth.  Some activities are picture-based while others are sentence-based, so you can vary the difficulty of the lesson depending on the needs of your students.

Cause and Effect Pit Crew asks students to identify the most likely cause or effect after reading a statement.

Clue Words Flagger asks students to identify the clue word that lets them know a sentence has a cause and effect structure.

StarrMatica Speedway asks students to identify a picture that shows the most likely cause or effect of a picture they are shown.

Fix the Track asks students to put causes and effects in the correct order in a chain of events.

Cause and Effect Toolbox provides images, sentences, and graphic organizers so you can create your own cause and effect activities.

To access these resources, login and choose K-2 Lessons.  Then choose Cause and Effect from the Reading Menu.