Before we look ahead to a new school year, we wanted to take a moment to look back at the new content that was added during last school year.  Here’s a list of the new content we shared in our monthly newsletters throughout the year last year.  Be sure to read to the end for a sneak peek at what we have planned this year!

K-2 Summarizing Book Features:  Students learn how to summarize, sequence, find main ideas, and identify features of fiction and nonfiction books.

Featured Resource:  Circus Trains
Sequence how-to instructions and fiction paragraphs by putting train cars into the correct order. (You must be a StarrMatica member to access this content.)

shadowsScience Topic:  Light and Sound

Featured Resource:  Shadows
Learn how shadows are formed and learn what happens to the shape and size of shadows at different times of the day and in different seasons.

Science Topic:  Oceans

Featured Resource:  Ocean Zones
Learn about four different ocean zones.  Then try to place six fish in the correct zones based on their descriptions.

Science Topic:  Science Careers and the Scientific Process

Featured Resource:  Career Town
Explore career town to learn about different job possibilities.

K-2 Data and Graphs:  Students learn how to create and read tally charts, picture graphs, bar graphs, and line plots.

Featured Resource:  Bar Graph Pets
Help Mindy collect data about the pets in her shop and create a bar graph with two or three categories. (You must be a StarrMatica member to access this content.)

breedingScience Topic:  Classification and Heredity

Featured Resource:  Dog Breeding
Breed a certain type of border collie puppy by selecting parents with the right traits.

Science Topic:  Soil

Featured Resource:  Soil Safari
Journey through the soil in this Earth Ship to learn about the creatures that help create soil. Find an organism that can eat a toxic chemical that is threatening to destroy the meadow!

K-2 2D and 3D Shapes:  Students learn about 2D shapes, 3D shapes, symmetry, patterns, and spatial thinking.

Featured Resource:  Wrapping Paper Symmetry
Liam is creating drawings on the wrapping paper for Olivia’s present. Help Liam finish each drawing so it is symmetrical. (You must be a StarrMatica member to access this content.)

Math Topic:  Line Plots

Featured Resource:  The Data Bank Research Company
Gather data by surveying customers. Then create a line plot of the data, create a bar graph to display the data, and answer questions about the data.

And this year, look for new content to help you teach K-2 Measurement, Chemistry, Microorganisms, Compass Skills, and Grammar topics!

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