As we work with media specialists and technology integration specialists in schools across the country, one of the most common requests we receive is for recommendations for online typing programs.  Growing up, StarrMatica’s CEO, Emily Starr, spent her weekends in the typing classroom, and eventually the computer lab, of her business education teaching mother.  Emily learned to type at an early age and believes that typing is an essential life skill no matter what a student’s chosen career path may be.

In recognition of its importance in an increasingly technological society, it often falls to elementary educators to begin to lay the foundations for later typing success in a world where students are used to using only their thumbs for texting!

While typing isn’t a curricular focus of StarrMatica, as your digital content teaching partner, we are glad to provide these typing content recommendations in the hopes they will help you make learning to type an enjoyable experience for your students.

Typing Tutorialstyping

Please Note:  The first two recommendations contain advertisements, so please preview content before using it with your students.  Some of the games do not load in Chrome.

Typing Orchestra

Type for Your Life

Typing Olympic Games

Meteor Game

Typing Chef

Typing Chameleon

Typing Balloons

Keyboard Climber

Typing Ghosts

Star Keys


Key Bricks


Key Tower

Keyboard Ninja

Tommy Q

Baron Von Typesfast

Type A Balloon

Type Toss

Fire Typer

Magic Library

Typing Monster

Air Typer

Type Revolution

Cup Stacking

Dance Mat Typing

Keyboarding Basics (Thanks, Zander for the recommendation!)