Girl Juggling ClocksJoin us for StarrMatica’s first Facebook Live broadcast this Wednesday, June 28th at 7:15 pm CST.

Why Wednesday, you ask?  Well, because that seems to be the day of the week that I consistently am able to steal a few moments away from my 2 ½ year old and 3 month old to take a shower and will be presentable for the camera.  And why 7:15 pm?  Well for me, the kids are in bed and there is a good chance I won’t be interrupted.  I am also hoping that you, too, have settled in for the evening and will have a few moments to join me to learn about exciting new resources for your classroom.

What to expect:  Each week, I’ll spend a quick 5-10 minutes sharing with you an interesting digital resource and giving ideas for how to use it in your classroom.  This week’s topic: How I went from teacher to business owner (and how you can too.)  Whether or not you are interested in starting your own business (I wasn’t!) the information is valuable (and possibly entertaining!)  I’ll also share my all time favorite digital resource you can access for free!

Looking forward to meeting you online every Wednesday at 7:15 pm CST!


Former 4th Grade Teacher


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