Back to SchoolIt’s back to school time, and StarrMatica is back to helping you find the best digital content resources for your classroom.  We’re kicking off the year with some ideas to help make it easy and fun to get to know your students!

1.  Students can create a comic of their favorite summer memory, something they would like to do or learn this year, or their favorite memory of last school year.

2.  Students can build their wild self and write a paragraph describing why they chose specific animal characteristics.  This allows them to be creative and gives you insight into who they are and how they think.

3.  Students can create an online journal entry about their summer vacation, goals for the year, classroom rules, or anything they would like to tell you about themselves.

4.  Students can create their own mock online profile all about themselves.

5.  While this activity doesn’t tell you anything about your students, it can be a fun first day interactive whiteboard activity that the students will think is magic!  Or, it could be a great way to get them started cooperating in a group at a center.

Need more cool ideas?  Check out last year’s blog post packed with even more back-to-school digital content fun!

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