Since StarrMatica members can now add any content to a collection via a weblink.  Some of our members have been asking how they can create a weblink for documents on their computer.  One popular resource for generating these links is Dropbox.  Dropbox is a program that can be downloaded to your computer that allows you to store up to 2GB of information in the cloud—documents, photos, videos, you name it for free.  Once you have downloaded the program, you can move the files you would like to share into the Dropbox Public folder on your computer.  In the folder, you can right click on a file, choose Dropbox, and choose Copy Public Link.  That link can then be pasted into your StarrMatica collection.  Students who you have shared that collection with can click on that link and access that file from your Dropbox storage.  When you download DropBox they include in the installer a handy .pdf that will answer your basic questions and help you get started with the program.  If you have any questions about using Dropbox with StarrMatica, leave a comment or drop us an email and we would be happy to help!

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