One of the most common questions we are asked is how our library of digital content supports the Common Core.  The easy answer is that our entire library has been aligned to the Common Core standards, so teachers can find resources related to each standard.  The more complex answer is that there are many pieces of content that can be used in flexible ways to support each individual standard, and it is up to teachers to choose the content that best supports their lesson and their students.

Here are four pieces of digital content a teacher might choose from StarrMatica’s library to support and enhance the teaching of: CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.K.CC.C.6 Identify whether the number of objects in one group is greater than, less than, or equal to the number of objects in another group, e.g., by using matching and counting strategies.

6Comparing Numbers

Students learn how to compare numbers and objects to learn to identify which is more than, greater than, less than, and equal to.


7Comparison Counting

Students learn to pair two groups of objects to comparison count.


8Who’s Hungry Comparing Treats

Students help feed pets by choosing the group of food that is more than less than, smaller than, larger than, or greater than.


9Who’s Hungry Comparing Treats II

Students help feed pets by choosing the correct symbol (<, >, =) to compare two groups of food.



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