One of the most common questions we are asked is how our library of digital content supports the Common Core.  The easy answer is that our entire library has been aligned to the Common Core standards, so teachers can find resources related to each standard.  The more complex answer is that there are many pieces of content that can be used in flexible ways to support each individual standard, and it is up to teachers to choose the content that best supports their lesson and their students.

Here are five pieces of digital content a teacher might choose from StarrMatica’s library to support and enhance the teaching of: CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.4.OA.B.4 Find all factor pairs for a whole number in the range 1-100. Recognize that a whole number is a multiple of each of its factors. Determine whether a given whole number in the range 1-100 is a multiple of a given one-digit number. Determine whether a given whole number in the range 1-100 is prime or composite.

45The Mystery of the Million Dollar Muffins

Students choose the ingredients marked with multiples of the number mentioned in the recipe for the item they are to bake


46The Bunratty Manor Mystery

Students use a magnifying glass to identify objects that are marked with number prints showing factors, multiples, the greatest common factor, or the least common multiple of the given number(s).


47The Factor Game

Students select a number and their opponent must find the factors. Then, they switch roles.  They can play against the computer or a friend.


48The Mystery of the Mixed Up Multiples

Students choose the cup marked with the number that does not belong with the rest of the group to uncover the hidden ball.


49Factor Trees

Students learn about prime factorization. Then, use what you have learned to replace missing photos in an album by completing factor trees.

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