This is the fifth in a series of six posts dedicated to Bloom’s Taxonomy: Teaching Higher Order Thinking Skills with Interactive Online Content. Four previous posts on remembering, understanding, applying, and analyzing can be viewed here, here, here, and here.

Level Five: Evaluate

This level includes the skills of assessing, recommending, choosing, justifying and rating. Students are asked to critique, to judge, to make recommendations and to justify those recommendations.

Here are four examples of online activities for evaluating:





K-2 – Floppy and the Puppies

Evaluate the sentence and picture.  Then choose the correct word to complete the sentence.




K-2 – Choose A Measuring Tool

Choose the correct measuring tool for each task that is described.





3-6 – Summarizing Match-Up (StarrMatica Member Content)

Read a short story.  Then choose the best summary from three possibilities.  Choosing the best summary earns bonus points toward achieving the highest score.  (You must be logged in to StarrMatica to access this content.)





3-6 – Persuasion Map

Map out your argument for a persuasive essay or debate.

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