steve couchSteve Couch loves to train children in good behaviors through music, videos and cartoons.

He has performed his “Be a School Superhero” Bully Prevention show and his “I Like to Read” show for thousands of children throughout the Midwest. He also has three Creative Child and Parents’ Choice award winning children’s albums: “The World is a Rainbow”, Dinosaur Rhythms” and “Stop, Think, Choose”; an elementary school counselor’s training manual; and his “Step Up” Bullying Prevention DVD – available on his children’s training website

Ever since high school he has been a comedian, musician and performer and strives to use those talents to teach young children about the importance of healthy habits like reading, exercise, sharing and friendship. In 2001, he created and managed an interactive online training and video department for the national OSHA safety training company American Safety Training, where he feel in love with researching how humans learn.

Now he helps StarrMatica create engaging songs that entertain while teaching. “We are entering a golden age of human leaning, and the importance of StarrMatica’s mission can not be overemphasized.” says Steve. “It is a great honor for me to be able to help such a fine company use the latest technology.”

Check out Steve’s songs in StarrMatica’s new K-2 Telling Time lesson!

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