basic factsWith the acquisition of basic facts being a strong predictor of later math success, StarrMatica includes with every plus membership an individualized basic facts program.  This is a great value for our members when you consider the cost of software that just focuses on basic facts can be as expensive as $7,500 per building.

In StarrMatica, students can practice their individualized facts for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

  • Students first take a benchmark test which records the facts they know and the facts they don’t know in classroom management.
  • Students can then practice their individualized facts in StarrMatica’s facts practice sections.
  • Practice progress is recorded in classroom management.
  • Teachers can view class fact progress or individual student progress.
  • Students and their parents can also view which facts they are working on.

For more specific information on our basic facts program, check out our basic facts overview video:

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