As a company founded by a teacher, we understand how incredibly busy classroom teachers are. That is one of the reasons StarrMatica was created. In Emily Starr’s fourth grade classroom, she didn’t have time to search for digital content and wished a library like StarrMatica were available.

But now that we’ve put quality digital content at your fingertips, we also want to help you use that digital content effectively with less time and effort. That’s why we have created new content guides for some of our library’s virtual manipulatives. Not only are we helping you to quickly find targeted tools, but we are also assisting you with how to integrate those tools into your classroom instruction.

Content guides include manipulative directions, ideas for using the manipulative in different settings, and example questions.

Currently there are 6 pdf content guides available. You can find them by choosing the topic groups, topics, and titles listed below:
Tables and Graphs—Bar Graph—Create A Bar Graph II
Algebra – Writing Equations – Equation Mat Explorer
US Measurement – Customary Linear – Interactive Ruler
Probability – Probability as a Fraction – Spinners
Place Value – Identifying Place Value – Sticky Numbers
Geometry – Measuring Angles – What’s My Angle Explorer

Click the + expander next to the title, and click the link for the content guide at the bottom of the description to download a guide.

Check out the content guide for Create A Bar Graph II by clicking here.

We have started this enhancement with six guides and will be adding additional guides if we receive feedback that they are of value in your classroom. So, let us know–are these guides helpful in your classroom?  Do you have suggestions for other ways we can make using digital content easier for you?  Leave a comment or drop us an email with your feedback!

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